What Type of Jewelry Is Best for Piercing?

What Type of Jewelry Is Best for Piercing

Body piercing is one of the hottest trends these days. But it was first practiced by the Romans thousands of years ago. So it can be considered as a revival of what was so common in the ancient times. There are some marks of lips, hands and ear piercing in the history of mankind as well.

Nowadays, piercing is considered as a fashion and each sort of piercing has a special character associated with it.  Piercing combined with the latest technology has made it easier and comfortable for all to get pierced. In fact, it made a huge wave in the fashion industry a few years back. Slowly, it spread all over the world, especially the western world and today its popularity is at its peak. Thus, more and more people are finding this sort of jewelry attractive. One interesting fact is that body piercing is not only about fashion, and many people are trying to understand what impact piercing has in their mental and physical health. For many, it has become a symbol to present their personality.

If you are thinking about trying it for the first time, it is highly suggested that you should first understand the basic facts about body piercing. Although the modern technology has made it easier for people to go through it, it still it may not be good for your health. So you need to play it safe. Consult your doctor before you actually have it. Apart from that, you should know what type of piercing jewelry is available in the market and what instructions are there to be followed. Below mentioned are some of the most common types of jewelry best for body piercing.

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Banana bells:

Banana bells are very famous these days as many people are using them for piercing. They are available in a huge variety and they are especially made for piercing. Below mentioned are different times of banana bells available.

Arcylic: These banana bells have PMMA balls and titanium stems.

– Titanium: Titanium is one of the best options for real body piercing.

– Black line: The smoothness and flexibility associated with this sort of bells make it one of the best available in the market for the health conscious people.

– Surgical Steel: Just like titanium, it is all about real body piercing.

Zircon Gold: If you love bright gold jewelry, it is probably best for you. It has a glamorous look that will surely shine your personality and will glow you up.

PTFE jewelry: This special body jewelry is made of flexible bio-compatible material. It is best for facial piercing as well as navel piercing. It also helps in reducing stress.

BioPlast: It is designed specifically keeping in mind the health issues. So, it is very much safe for all.

Gemstone Navel: As the name suggests, it is a stylish and modern jewelry that comes with a natural gemstone.

Circular barbells:

Circular barbell is another famous type of piercing jewelry. It has a unique shape since it is designed in curvy bars and comes with couple of removable balls. The most popular among different types of circular barbells are blackline barbells. Apart from these, barbells made of surgical steel, zircon gold, bioplast, titanium and 18 carat gold are pretty much famous. As these balls have a unique shape, they are sure to add something unique to your personality. Using circular barbells is one of the best options for the beginners.

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Ball closure rings:

Ball closure rings are an utmost piece of jewelry and can be used on any type of body piercing. These rings are excellent and the most suitable for lip, ear and navel piercing. They are also available in different types some of which are mentioned below:

UV Rings: The name says it all- these rings light up under UV light and are very much flexible to use.

Zircon Gold Rings: These rings are famous for bringing a unique glamour to the personality of the user. They also have a wonderful glow.

Surgical Steel Rings: These rings are polished electronically and hence have a smooth and flexible feel that will never irritate your skin.

18 carat Fold rings: These are mostly hand-finished rings and 18 carat gold is used in these rings.

Titanium rings: These rings are available in different brightly colored options and styles.

Body Spirals:

Body spirals are one of the coolest options available out there. They come in different materials and styles. The most famous ones are listed below.

Titanium body spirals: These are good-looking spirals and are the best alternative for banana bells and barbells.

Zircon Gold Body Spirals: You can customize them any way you want and they come with different balls.

Blackline Body Spiral: This sort of jewelry is perfect for ear and naval piercing.

Surgical Steel Body Spirals: They have a smooth finish s that you don’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, few other types of jewelry are also available in the market. It would be best of you go to a professional piercer and you must choose one who is well reputed. It is necessary as only the best piercer would follow the correct path that will lead to your desired results.

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You must ensure that the piercing instruments to be used are clean. It would be great if the piercer makes use of disposable needles. Professionals don’t recommend piercing guns, as they can’t be sterilized. You must follow the instructions provided by your piercer so that the healing process becomes faster and there come no complications at all. In most cases, healing takes about six to eight weeks. Once that period is completed, you can change jewelry as you want. You should choose the metal which doesn’t react with your body tissues and you should not use sterling silver, gold plated or fake gold type of jewelry as there are chances that they will harm your body which may result in an infection.