Unique Wedding Invitations Ideas and Inspirations for Off-Beat Appeal

Unique Wedding Invitations Ideas and Inspirations for Off-Beat Appeal

Are you currently looking for ideas and inspirations for unique wedding invitations? If you are, then you have come to the right place at the perfect time. Today, we will take you to see these creatively unique wedding invitations ideasyou definitely will never want to miss. Aside from being unique, these wedding invitation ideas are also creative.

Inspiring Unique Wedding Invitations

What about using tea towel as the main part of your unique wedding invitations? You don’t need to be the avid tea drinker to love this idea! Print the words onto each sheet of towel. You can order the material online or have a stationery designer to make ones for your wedding. And speaking of stationery, stamped one can make a great way to add unique flair to your wedding invitation. The fun part is the fact that you can pick anything to fit your wedding theme.

Why don’t you try painting the invitations yourself? However, you may need to be careful since letterpress printing in color is expensive. Hence, consider opting for the single-color design instead, and then continue painting them using watercolor at home for your truly unique wedding invitations that allow you to have some fun time coloring.