The Best for Your Kids: 10 Design Hacks Your Child Will Love

The Best for Your Kids: 10 Design Hacks Your Child Will Love

A child’s room is not just a place where your kids sleep. It’saplacewheretheyplay, dream, and grow. That’s why it’s very important to take a smart and creative approach to decorating it. We’ll make your job easier by explaining how to equip the room in such a way that it doesn’t just look beautiful but makes your child’s life interesting and comfortable. 

Hack №1: Expansion

Try to use the space in your kid’s room as much as possible, especially if the size is not too impressive. Don’t just keep the toys and clothes in a closet, put them inside ottomans or baskets that hang from the doors.


Hack №2: Closet Replacement

Why clutter the precious space with a sizable closet when you can replace it with open shelves. Theytake up much less space. Besides, neatly hung kid’s clothes can become a great part of the décor.

Closet Replacement

Hack №3: Secret Place

Youcankeeptoysandbooksunderabedorasofa by using a pullout drawer. It can easily replace shelves, racks, and even a closet. Meanwhile,such drawer is easy to use so the kid can do it without your help.

Secret Place

Hack №4: Indians Retreat

Kidslovehavingtheirownsmallhouse. You can easily indulge their wishes by building a DIY teepee or a tent. There a many different ways to make such a “lair”. You can use poles and blankets to create a teepee or hang a sheet from the ceiling to make a tent.

Indian’s Retreat

Hack №5: Make Old Things New Again

Don’t get rid of the furniture that your child outgrew. Use your imagination and make a desk out of an old bed. If you wish, any old thing can become useful again. Even the baby shoes can become part of the décor.

Make Old Things New Again

Hack №6:  Young Artist

You can teach your child to stick to a certain schedule by buying a drawing board. Besides using it to create small masterpieces, you can write little reminders about the evening classes or the upcoming cleanups.

Young Artist

Hack №7: Lucky Hang

A perforated board is a must-have part of your child’s room décor. You can use it to hang whatever you wish, such as shelves, toy baskets, clothes hangers, hats, and even a globe.  It can help your child keep the room neat.

Lucky Hang

Hack №8: Power of Attraction

A small magnetic board can become an irreplaceable cleanup assistant by keeping toy cars and small metal construction set details in one place. Such board allows even the smallest kids to help you with keeping the room neat.

Power of Attraction

Hack №9: All Rainbow Colors

Did your children completely abandon their construction set? Don’t be too quick about getting rid of it. Use the set to make a toothbrush holder and your children won’t ever forget to brush their teeth again.

All Rainbow Colors

Hack №10: Girls’ Secrets

Any girl’s parents know all too well about always losing various hair accessories. Attach a clothespin to a shelf and never lose another elastic band again.

Girls’ Secrets