Start Apartment Decorating on a Budget


Decorating an apartment after the years of college have ended can seem like a difficult task. Most of us would prefer to upgrade our style and furniture to feel more grown-up. The biggest obstacle in the way happens to be the budget. Apartment decorating on a small budget need not be a boring task, but an opportunity to use your creative juices.

Wall Accessories

There is no dearth of the ways in which a wall can be decorated inside an apartment. A classic touch would be to add photographs and memorabilia from trips. To modernize it, print out your best photos and frame them in grids. Painting the walls can often change the look of the entire home, and it is budget friendly. You can also add hooks to the wall and start hanging up just about anything you desire. Popular items include glass terrariums, LED lights, floral artworks, paper lanterns and flags from different countries. Don’t forget to add a wall clock!

Home Linen

The difference between a college dorm and grown up home can easily be seen in the linen being used. The sheets, cushion covers, curtains and runners can easily charm visitors into seeing a sophisticated apartment. Choose prints that are either bold but simple or full of designs in muted colors. Often enough, stores will keep covers, curtains and runners to match as part of a package. You can also set up one bold curtain on a wall to create a focal point and give a visual break to the apartment.


Apartment decorating on a budget can be livened up by bringing in something organic into the picture. Getting plants makes the apartment feel homey and fresh, no matter what season or weather it is. The choice of plants depends upon the area available for them. Large house plants can nestle in nooks and corners, and take up space on the windows. Smaller planters can be hung outside of the windows and under the stairs. If you have limited horizontal space, repurpose a wooden ladder and place the plants on each step to get a hanging garden of sorts.


Purchasing new furniture is necessary for apartment decoration, but it does not need to break the bank. Make three to four thoughtful purchases, which can be used in two or three different ways. A chair should be able to move between the bedroom, kitchen and living room. The couch works better if it is also a pull out bed. Try finding tables that can be turned into an ironing board or reduced in height to make a coffee table. Buy a two in one bedside table and ottoman set for quick storage. This is a great way to squeeze the maximum possible efficiency from your budget.

Creating a beautiful apartment takes up some thought and in the process, you can discover how you really want the home to look. Assign a percentage to spend for each part of the home, and you will be able to start apartment decorating on a budget within no time at all.