Shelf Brackets to Support Shelf: Important Installation Tips

shelf brackets

For your simplest shelving project, you may employ wood shelf brackets. This type of bracket will help you make smart work without consuming longer time. There are two types of wood bracket. They are the L-bracket and the combination of slot and bracket. To excellently work with the bracket, follow these tips.

Tips in Using Shelf Brackets Wood

When you are installing the shelf brackets in drywall, you better take the heavy duty anchors. Avoid using the plastic anchors for better durability. They can be made from aluminum or steel. This will give better support for the brackets. Then, you should also make sure that the brackets are in a level, of course, without neglecting the importance of the right distance between the brackets which is about 16 to 20 inches.

Then, make the pre-drill holes for the screw. This will help ease the screws inserting process. Besides, this is also important to avoid damaged wall surfaces. After that, you should also keep in mind to avoid sagging shelves. If you plan to use L shelf brackets in order to support the wooden shelf, you should make it easier for you to attach the brackets to the shelf before finally hang the shelf on the wall.