Ring Holder Do It Yourself with Chic Embellishments

Ring Holder Do It Yourself with Chic Embellishments

Girls who love rings are suggested to make their own ring holder that will help them store their rings and ease them to get their ring when they’re about to wear the ring. Ring holder will help the rings owner to organize the entire rings and keep the rings dust free. Instead of buying a ring holder, we would like to help you make special ring holder in box shape.

Making Charming Engagement Ring Holder for Many Rings

To make a chic ring holder, we need to prepare a small sized decorative box, white glue and scissor to make the decorations for the ring holder, flat black colored sponge pads from sponge foam at least four pieces to make the ring holder looks elegant, pencil to help us marking the ring holder, tape measure, also something to accessorize the ring holder (like ribbons, beads, flowers, glitter, or others).

Where to find the black colored foam sponge? We can use crafting foam to complete our box of ring holder or we can use foam pads, which usually are used inside aquariums. Accessorizing the adorable ring holder with embellishment is important to make your ring holder looks more artistic and more personal.