Retaining Wall’s Types You Can Choose

retaining wall

Some people think about building retaining wall. But, what types of retaining wall they want? Well, you might choose reinforced retaining wall, for example. It is also known as reinforced masonry wall in the spread foundations that are structured gravity where the stability to against the overturning will be provided by weight of wall as well as the reinforcement bars on the wall. The main types of retaining wall are two.

Two Types of Retaining Wall

The first type of ‘retaining wall’ is called as counter fort or buttressed retaining wall. These kinds of walls are cantilever walls that are strengthened with the counter forts monolithic with the wall slab’s back as well as the bas slab. Counter fort or buttressed retaining wall functions as connector the base and the wall slab to reduce the shearing and bending stresses. Also, they function as the tension stiffeners as well.

The other type of retaining wall is cantilever retaining wall. It is one of retaining wall that consists of one wall which is connected into the foundation. It holds back one significant amount of the soil, so it should be very well engineered. Cantilever is the most common used as the retaining wall. The cantilever rests on the slab foundation that is loaded by back fills. So, which of ‘retaining wall’ you choose?