Promise Ring: What It Means


A promise ring is a way to show a commitment between two people. Historically, this ring was the first symbol of a serious relationship. However, the essential promise ring meaning is that it was a token of a joint commitment in general. Hence, this ring does not always have to be related to love.

Promise Ring Meaning

In fact, originally, a promise ring can also mean many things. For example, this ring can also mean a promise to always love someone, show intention to develop a further serious relationship with someone, marry someone one day, always be faithful, always be a friend of someone, and other kind of promises. In a love relationship, this ring is usually to be replaced by an engagement ring. This is why a promise ring is often more modest in look and design.

As a pre-engagement ring, this one is traditionally put on the left hand’s third finger, which is also known as the location where the engagement ring is worn. However, if the ring isn’t to refer to a promise of marriage, it is usually worn on the right hand to avoid the confusion. There are also some people who wear promise ring as pre-engagement ring on the other hand to avoid any assumption that they’re already engaged.