Princess Cut Engagement Ring: Your General Guide

Princess Cut Engagement Ring Your General Guide

The princess cut engagement ring has the flattering style that is often found the most beautiful one and only second to the traditional round brilliant diamond cut. The princess cut engagement ring set, along with radiant cut one, is also one of two types of diamond cuts in square. Today, we will briefly discuss about this particular engagement ring option.

About Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The princess cut engagement ring is considered as a newer type of cut created in the 1970s, containing anywhere from 53 ‘ 144 facets. However, most princess cuts in diamond include either 58 or 76 facets instead, as cuts that are less than 50 facets won’t achieve the fire qualities and high brilliance this type of cut is known for.

With princess cut, you may find even the less than perfect diamond can still look truly amazing and awe-striking since this is a very forgiving cut. Diamonds with less than top clarity and color ratings can still look fabulous as this cut can camouflage minor imperfections. Hence, couples who are having a limited budget but still insist to have diamond for their engagement ring will find the princess cut engagement ring both beautiful and affordable option.