Platform Bed with Storage: Trundle Beds

Platform Bed with Storage Trundle Beds

Talking about types of bed with platform, platform bed with storage is one option that people can choose. What is good about that? Of course, they can provide people with some storage. They can store books, some stuff like toys, and other. Platform bed with storage is also useful for small bed room since the platform storage can replace the function of cupboard or shelf.

Types of Bed with Platform: Trundle Bed

One of platform bed with storage is called as trundle bed. It is one smart design that is used to provide brilliant space saving solution for your bed room. It is also a moveable bed which could be fixed under other bed frame. Trundle means a pair of beds. So, one bed frame is smaller slightly than the other one since it needs to be rolled in. it is rolled in under upper twin bed.

The twin beds could be split to two separable beds when you need to do it or when you want. Trundle beds are getting more and more popular nowadays since they are perceived as the functional piece of furniture in saving small space of bedroom. They are also known as hurly or truckle beds. This kind of platform bed with storage can be used as bunk beds for kids, guest beds and day beds.