Pergola Designs: Building Pergola Uniquely

Pergola Designs Building Pergola Uniquely

If you think about building a pergola, you may be interested to look at some unique, nice and lovely pergola designs from some families. Some people think to build usual pergola like so many people have, but there are also several people who think that having unique pergola designs is a good idea. So, here are two unusual and unique pergola designs.

Two Unusual Pergola Designs

The first unusual pergola designsare called Mediterranean warmth. It is U-shape fir pergola that rambles around Jacuzzi in Phoenix. It is owned by Wolfgang Platzer and Patricia Orsini who eschewed the nails and then they turned just few screws in the construction. Instead, then they fastened it together by using well cut joint. It has 14 foot base which is stamped with the concrete which imitates like Italian terra cotta. There is also one free standing latticework wall in one side for privacy.

The next unusual pergola design is Rest Resistant Respite pergola that is owned by Jim and Joan Young. The pergola is made of vinyl and it is 9-6 foot. Because it’s made of vinyl, it resists to weathering and it requires very little maintenance. This pergola designs has brick floor and also brick path leading into another patio.