Interior DesignTips For a DIY Weekend


As the summer season begins to wind down, the weekends become a time to catch up on things you’ve been meaning to do. With the heat out of the way, you can start focusing on how to revamping your home decoration. There are plenty of interior design tips for a DIY weekend. Get started with some inspiration and make great use of the weekends!

  1. String Art

There’s nothing childish about playing with string, and it creates gorgeous statement pieces for the walls. Simply affix nails in a pattern along a wooden board and start looping the strings till you get the perfect design.

  1. Dip and Dye Vases

When old glass vases get scratched on the bottom, it’s best to give them a paint job. Pick a shade of color and dip the bottom half of the vase to give it a completely new look. The best colors are gold, silver, navy blue and a deep red.

  1. PomPom Love

Designing for the children’s area can be tough when they grow older. Combine their love for color and fluffy things to make DIY pompoms. Pick wool or yarn for the same and turn them into rugs, pillows, hems for linen or simple garlands for the wall.

  1. Customizing Cutlery

Having mismatched cutlery can often take away from the aesthetic of the kitchen. Paint the bottom ends of all your wooden pieces in two matching colors, while adding an embellish or motif to the other pieces. This helps them look like part of a bigger set.

  1. Frames and Art

Putting up paintings and photographs looks wonderful, as long as the frames match. Upgrade all your frames by painting them a singular color and placing them on the wall in a geometric manner.

  1. Wall Designs

Instead of spending the weekend painting, use Washi tape or contact paper to achieve the same effect. Washi tape can be used to create simple patterns along a single wall. Contact paper can cover larger areas and be used for giving the whole room a makeover.

  1. Bookshelf

Booklovers can spend time recreating the bookshelves of their dreams. There are millions of ways in which this can be done, so pick your inspiration after proper research. One simple way to get started is by giving existing shelves a sanding down and adding colored resin in the cracks.

  1. Hanging Mirrors

A mirror can really open the space available in a house. The best interior design tips suggest that it should be put in a narrow corridor or room, where the reflection can have the maximum effect. Frame it in the way that you like and hang it up for a brand new look.

  1. Add Textured Shades To Windows

Regular shades look good on windows, but the textured and colored ones introduce a new element in the room. You can go for vinyl decals, wallpapers or contact paper in order to get what you need. The result is a not-so-boring window that brightens up the room.

Spending time upgrading the house each weekend gives you fifty-two opportunities in a year to change the overall design. These interior design tips should have you ready for the coming few months.