How to decorate christmas table ideas

Imagine that beautiful center table decorated just right for Christmas

Christmas is a time for fun and frolic. It is the most eagerly awaited season because we put everything aside to meet family and friends. We travel the miles to see the smiles of our loved ones.

During the hubbub of travel and preparations, we may just forget that table. Imagine that beautiful center table decorated just right for Christmas. It will become a lovely memory that will last for years. Dining on a nice and bright table will make your loved ones happier, as it will add to a wonderful ambience.

For the clueless folks out there, for the busy bees who don’t have the time to think of some theme, and for the plainly disinterested ones, here are some great ideas. These will give you that zest to decorate and make your Christmas special and memorable. After all, it comes only once a year.

1) Some candles and aroma:

I am not asking you to just get down to the store and buy some of those aromatic candles to put on your table (though this could be very easily don). So here is some fun exercise…

  •  Choose your favorite scents; however, do not mix them all into a recipe of disaster! There are loads of different options that you can choose online.
  •  Get some bright or mellow colors as per your taste, or to match with the décor of your dining space.
  •  Get some wax.
  •  Melt the wax, add a dash of your favorite colors, let the liquid wax cool down a bit and add your favorite scent.
  •  Now put this into nice glass ware of different shapes and sizes. These could go to match your Christmas theme.
  •  Put that piece of wick in it before the wax solidifies.
  •  Decorate your table with the dazzle of the season.

2) Your Santa and Reindeer on the table:

Imagine your kids come down to breakfast and find that the table has Santa with his reindeer, and the buggy full of gifts, chocolates and cake. It will be such a thrill for them.

Your Santa and Reindeer on the table

Get a Red colored velvet cloth to cover the table, and put this beautiful buggy with gifts. Stand back and take some lovely snaps to last a lifetime!

3) Put in baby Jesus in his crib:

This is my personal favorite… Make a small crib out of a basket, some straw and a small blanket by your (or on your) dining table and put in baby Jesus in there. Put in mother Mary and father Joseph lovingly looking at the tiny child. Add some fluffy cotton to resemble the snow, and put some shepherds around bearing some tiny gifts for the baby. It would be great if you have some lambs around as well. Now put a glass jar adjacent the baby crib for collecting little amounts to help needy and poor kids. This will remind you that Christmas is about gifting not just your dear ones and near ones, but also those poor unfortunate souls around you. Remember, baby Christ himself was in need of warmth and shelter, and this is the time to acknowledge our humanity, more than anything else.

Put in baby Jesus in his crib

This will become your kid’s or grand kid’s fun project- you can trust me with this idea!

4) Soft music:

Kids may not love and understand sermons. In fact, even adults get lost during long speeches. Put a little player on the table to keep playing some mellow and nice Christmas music. One of my all time favorites is Boney M’s Mary’s boy child…

Now add all those nice, tasty dishes to gulp down and you have a great time. Only remember not to drown the conversation with music. Soft and sweet is the mantra here.

5) Light up your table with food:

There is nothing like glassware to reflect the brightness of lights. Put bright colored fruits in glass bowls- like apples, blue berries, grapes, strawberries and watermelons.

Pass a string of small bulbs around the bowl. Add in a few smaller bowls with dry fruits and nuts or more fruit bowls depending on the size of your table. This makes for an awesome decoration of your table.


Remember to serve food in glass ware too… I am sure there will be brilliance everywhere, on the table as well as in your sweet smiles.

6) Musical greetings:

Nothing beats the beauty of Christmas cards with hand written messages to your loved ones. There are hoards of musical greeting cards. Pick one for each of your family, write your note in glitter ink and put the greeting in the dinner plate! Imagine the surprise and warmth they would experience when they pick up those cards and then have a sumptuous meal awaiting them.

If you are not sure of the kind of gifts people would love, just add in some gift cards that people can use in any way they please. I bet that everyone will feel thankful and happy.

7) Family albums:

It is great to cherish old memories. Bring out that album with the celebrations you had in one of the years past and put it on the table. Add candles, food, wine and a vase of beautiful flowers. You will be floored by how the conversation around the table would become nostalgic and flow freely and well.

8) Lamps and shades:

The stores have a lot of ceramic lamps that will spread the candle light in various designs and patterns.  Buy some of those and decorate the dining area. Put them on corner tables, the mantel piece or on your dining table and enjoy a patterned candle light dinner with loved ones.

Your Santa and Reindeer on the table

9) Add bells and chimes:

Add some nice bells and wind chimes close to the table and let in a little breeze – natural or from your air conditioner. Spray a little room freshener, put in a snowy white cream cake in the centre of the table and red wine glasses all round it. Bake some cookies lovely shapes and serve your special Christmas meal.