How Christmas tree is decorated

How Christmas tree is decorated

Every Christmas is special. The season of Christmas in enwrapped in happy memories with friends and family. However, decorating the Christmas tree the same way year after year gets boring. It becomes like some monotonous project work- get that tree, wrap the lights, put in color paper, load the gifts below the tree, and finish up.

So how do we do things differently? How can we make every Christmas as special as possible? It is simple. Make some simple changes to the way you decorate and see the difference. When you take some photos near the tree, store the pictures in your album or share online with your larger group of friends, family and acquaintances, you will be lauded for it all.

Tree décor

Here are some tips, tricks and ideas:

1)      Picking your tree: Most people just get to their backyard and pick up the nearest available branch. Several people just shop around and get whatever they find. Some more log into an online store and buy the artificial ones.

All the above ways kill the fun of making a sweet little Christmas tree in your home. It is holiday and celebration time. Use that time and make a tree you will love.

Pick a pine, a spruce or a fir tree, alternating between their varieties every year. This gives you ample scope for variety to begin with decoration. The type of tree you choose can determine which way to decorate it best.

I love Virginia pines and Fraser fir. Of course, select yours based on the choices available and what you would personally like. There are so many varieties and each one has a beauty of its own. The leaf pattern and color are the top factors that you would consider when choosing your Christmas tree.

2)      Picking the spot: If you are constantly putting up your Christmas tree in the same location, it is time to change. Changing the location for your tree changes the whole ambience in your house. If you do not believe me, try it once and you will experience it.

In case your excuse is that your house is all cramped for space, just move that furniture around a little bit. If that does not help, put some of your extra furniture into a temporary ‘dump’ space, like in a spare room or the garage of your house.

The benefit of doing this hard work will be rewarded for sure.

The trick here is to visualize the final setting before you move things around, and judging where things have to be fit in. If this is not planned well, you end up doing a whole lot of work that was not needed in the first place.

3)      Tree décor: Some folks leave the decoration to the kids alone. While they have fun, make sure that you supply them with oodles of new articles for decoration, and do lend a hand to make a neat appearance. Also, since you will likely use some bulbs and wiring, take care not to expose kids to any electricity hazards.

Tree décor

The following is a list of some ideas that you can use to get a great looking tree:

  • Go by a color theme: Make that tree look predominantly White, like the snow outside. Make it Red, and spread the love. Make it Green and inviting. Make it Yellow and bright. It is really up to you. Choose the tit bits of the decoration to go with the color theme. If you are confused, make it all colorful with varied colors and you will still love it.
  • Go get those pearls: Pearls, big, White and round give an amazing look. Wrap strings of them around your tree, or choose to go by different colors of the Pearls to alternate and wrap around. Anything works and anything is beautiful.
  • Let the tree greet you: Wrap the greeting and gift cards on the tree, or stick them up somewhere for your family to pick and read. They will like the idea if it is done with a proper blend with the tree and the other items hanged up there.
  • Let things dangle freely: Do not clutter your Christmas tree. Hang nice little items like angels, doves, bells and balls, color paper, bulbs, glitter paper, satin ribbons, and some bright and neat family picture card in case you will like them there. Let each piece be put at a slight little distance from the rest to be able to admire the beauty of each distinctively.
  • What is near that tree? It does not help you if there is a great looking tree in a shabby environment. Make things around the tree gel in with the theme- curtains, furniture, etc. If it is possible, blend the colors well so they all fit the theme together.
  • Use candles instead of bulbs: Replace those usual bulbs with some nice candles that you will keep close to the tree. Wrap a few tiny mirrors in the tree and the effect will be great
  • Get that forest look: One great theme is to make the tree look like it is in a forest. You will have to use plenty of Greens and Browns, and add tiny little animals on the branches.
  • Go trendy: You can get creative and invent some themes on your own. Add some favorite cartoon characters that your kids will love, for example.
  • Aroma on your tree: This may sound weird but once you do it, it will look, feel and smell good. Variety is the spice of life. To add some variety to the tree, put in your favorite smelling flowers and spices. I put in lilies and real vanilla and it is so lovely. End result- I do not feel like pulling the tree down for another year.

Christmas tree

While these ideas are all going to be great, you have to remember to take the time to do it. It requires patience and loads of effort, not to mention a lot of cleaning around the tree if you use too many tiny things.