Hallway Decorating Ideas For The Modern Home

Hallway Decorating Ideas For The Modern Home

A house develops a character when people live in it, decorate it and attach their personalities to it. The first impression is made when guests reach the front door, and the hallway can make or break this fleeting moment. Often enough, the hallways are kept as storage areas for shoes, bags, coats and whatever else is not immediately needed in the house. However, these simple hallway decorating ideas are set to change all of that.

1 – Lights
Rarely will you find a room that does not benefit from well-placed lights. The same holds true for the hallway. Skip the basic lighting pattern and opt for a more structured pattern instead. Your first option is to create a soft glow with the help of small LED lights fitted inside empty vases, bottles or round fish tanks. The second is to have arc lights on the ceiling for a more dramatic feel. If there is a mirror in the hallway, attach vanity lighting bulbs to spread the light into every nook and corner.

2 – Art and Photographs
If your family happens to be artistically inclined, then these are the best hallway decorating ideas. Choose one wall, and align the photos or paintings in a geometrical manner. Ensure that each frame is the same color, thickness and material. The paintings or photographs can be grouped by size or color, depending on your preference. A small bench or piece of sculpture under them finishes off the look, giving it the feeling of an art gallery.

3 – Plants
Hallways with plenty of space can opt for a bunch of house plants. These add to the aesthetic and practical feel of the area. For one, they add fresh air and brightness to the room, making the area seem far more pleasant. They can also hide any unsightly features behind them. Add small runners in between them to store shoes, rain coats, umbrellas and other items.

4 – Bookshelf
Avid readers often have books all over the home, and keeping a small library in the hallway is a great decorating tip. Pick out two wall to wall shelves that have adequate space for books, small trinkets, decorations and baskets for storage. It creates a multi-purpose look that allows for both storage and overall interior design as well. An added benefit is being able to lend out books straight from the hallway for friends and family alike.

5 – Racks and Hooks
For the homeowners strapped for space, the hallway needs to be used for many functions. Keeping this in mind, put up simple racks and hooks on one focal wall. Use vintage hooks that match with the color of the racks. Add wall hangings to create an artsy cafe effect as well. Use wooden, jute or thread based baskets on the racks for a complete look.

Hallways have the potential to become elegant spaces, where people love to assemble and look around. It holds the possibility of becoming a well designed area, as compared to just another portion of the house. Imagine coming home to a bright and well-kept hallway. It can really change your mood. With these simple hallway decorating ideas, you can find the inspiration you need to make it come alive.