Hair Coloring Hit – Marble Dyeing

Marble Dyeing

Marble dyeing is one of the major trends in the modern hair styling. The effect of marble coloring is reached by combining closely related hues, which have different brightness. This coloring approach allows the hair to appear thicker and the haircut’s texture to become more pliable.

Marketing professionals did a good job of making a striking trend out of a simple coloration technique by coming up with a catchy name “Marble Dyeing”.

Catchy name “Marble Dyeing”

The Essence

This dyeing technique is a combination of two or three colors, which have similar hues but different shades. You can apply it to both dark and light hair. Marble dyeing looks impressive on red hair as well.

Marble coloration is applied both to natural and dyed hair. However, if you are planning to drastically change your hair color, you might need to go through partial or complete bleaching. That’s why hairstylists recommend choosing the hues, which are close to your natural color in order to reduce hair damage.

Marble coloration

The Procedure

The marble dyeing can be done in one or several steps. If your hair hasn’t been dyed before, the stylist can do the marble dyeing in one step. The major part of the procedure is separating your hair into several sections. The marble effect depends on the proper hair separation.

Your locks are divided into two or more horizontal sections by creating zigzag hair parts. The more sections there are, the more shaded the color looks. Each section is dyed by alternating the chosen colors. You need to start with the lowest section and go up to the top of the head so the highest section is the lightest.

If you dyed your hair before, the light sections need to be bleached before the start of the procedure.

The marble dyeing

Advantages of Marble Dyeing

When compared to the tradition dyeing, marble coloring has several important advantages, such as:

  • Visuallyboostedhairvolume;
  • Accentuatedhaircutdynamics;
  • Infrequent color correction.

Disadvantages of Marble Dyeing

Even though there are plenty of advantages, marble dyeing doesn’t suit everyone. In order to get the best results, your hair should be long enough to reach at least the middle of your neck. Marble dyeing looks perfect on stacked or layered haircuts since the smooth flowing of the color appears perfect when the hair is moving. If the texture of your haircut isn’t active, such as in a classic bob, marble dyeing is not the best choice since you can’t take advantage of the full beauty of the technique.

Layered hairstyles

You should note that marble dyeing is hard to achieve at home. This technique requires professional approach and experience.

Layered hairstyles are the best choice for the marble dyeing. The best colors for marble coloring are caramel, golden, and copper. It looks perfect on blonde hair.