Floating Shelf: Simple Solution to Decorate Wall

Floating Shelf Simple Solution to Decorate Wall

Floating shelf may be a popular idea for modern or simple and minimalist home design. Actually, it can be built to any home designs. But, since it creates a minimalist look, then it may be perfect for your modern home design. This shelf offers many benefits where it will not only work as storage or space to put something but also to decorate your wall.

Ideas for Floating Shelf

If you are familiar with floating shelf by the meaning of book shelf, it can be an old idea since it has been in its existence for decades. But, if you want a modern action, you can put pots with beautiful plants or flowers, accessories, small china collections and many more. There are countless ideas of how this shelf can be used for since it can work as a decoration for wall.

To make this shelf, it is not hard since you may have found tips of floating shelf DIY. You can build your own shelf. You can start with a very simple design where it is like a sheet of wood then attached to the wall. You can use wood or other materials. Wood is the most favorite choice as it is easy to install and looks great for any designs of floating shelf.