Fitting an Impressive Chandelier Into a Home Decor Design

Chandelier Into a Home Decor Design

Chandeliers of all kinds make for impressive light fixtures, and can form a stunning centerpiece to a room. However, it’s a fine line to tread between a chandelier providing understated elegance and it becoming totally dominating – a degree of finesse is required for a decor effect that isn’t uncomfortably overbearing. Here are some points to bear in mind when considering a chandelier as part of a home decor overhaul.

Size Matters

A bigger chandelier isn’t necessarily a better one. While a chandelier will always demand to be a focal point, it needs to be in proportion to the space it occupies. As a rule of thumb, work out the illumination strength you’d actually need for a room using the equivalent number of separate fittings, and then choose a chandelier with that number of lamps, rather than choosing an impressive model and trying to shoehorn it into an unsuitable space.

Height Versus Width

Although a high, multi-tiered chandelier looks amazing in a grand ballroom, it’s nowhere near as suitable for a typical home with lower ceilings. Wider, shallower chandeliers will give a much better effect while still providing sufficient lighting power for even the broadest of rooms.

Chandeliers Can Be Modern

A typical image of a chandelier is of an ornate, old-fashioned, silver fitting festooned with dangling crystals. However, a more modern effect can be achieved with cascades of LED lamps paired with chrome frames – and it’s just as impressive.

Chandeliers Can Be Team Players

A chandelier doesn’t need to be the only light fitting in a room. Instead of choosing a huge chandelier that’s too dominating, consider a smaller, more understated one backed up with wall lights. This will still provide the classic, grand effect of a chandelier, but without taking the idea too far.

A tasteful chandelier is an excellent way to add elegance and class to a room, but an appropriate fitting needs to be chosen with great care. While an impressive chandelier should always command pride of place, it should also allow the rest of the room to breathe if it’s not to become totally overpowering.