Beautifying Your Concrete Patio

Beautifying Your Concrete Patio

Customizing your patio with an epoxy covering can help you create amazing weekend parties and gatherings. With a fresh, durable epoxy coating, neighbors won’t see a concrete surface that’s embarrassingly worn, faded and weather-stained. Proudly show your personal style with custom concrete overlays, stains and resurfacing.

Taking concrete patios to a higher level

Concrete is a popular choice for patios because it’s inexpensive and low maintenance. Concrete exudes a modern flair and gives crisp, defined edges. Without proper care, however, concrete can crack and stain, which can detract from the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. Avoiding this problem just takes proper sealing and concrete treatments that enhance the beauty of your home. With stamping and coloring options available for concrete treatments, you can transform a patio surface to resemble bricks, stone and other high-end materials. Although pouring a concrete patio is a job best left to experts, taking it to a higher level is something you can achieve on your own to create the perfect, personalized appearance.

Taking concrete patios to a higher level


Complement your home’s architecture

Concrete stain is an extremely versatile, easy, and economical way to update and improve the appearance of old and new concrete patios. With concrete stains, you can add bold design accents, subtle hints of colors and even customized patterns that complement the architecture of your home, all of which make the patio an extension of your interior design tastes. As an added benefit, treating concrete makes cleaning up any spills on your patio floors easy. You won’t waste a moment of your summer parties worrying about damage to your patio floor.

Enjoy the outdoors

With decorative concrete stains that create a faux, layered appearance, you can transform your patio from dull, faded concrete to a stunning surface for your outdoor meals and social events. You can mix and match the colors to create a custom palette for your patio that’s guaranteed to be unique. Many decorative concrete stains are environmentally friendly, which means you can enjoy the outdoors without harming it or your family. By preserving and improving your existing concrete patio with stains, you avoid having to redo your exterior entertaining areas, which can upset resident plants and animals. Everyone benefits from a more harmonious relationship with nature.

Patio personalization

When you’re looking to add unmistakable personalization to your outdoor patio, both acid- and water-based concrete stains give you endless possibilities for decorative effects. A single stain color that coordinates with your landscape and home is a simple solution, or you can go bolder with some custom design ideas including:

  • Building a stained border around patio
  • Miting a marbleized appearance
  • Utilizing stencils for custom graphics, patterns and shapes
  • Creating the look of tile with saw cuts in concrete prior to staining

Whatever way you decide to use concrete stains, they’ll always provide the perfect surface for your outdoor entertainment. Whether you host numerous picnics or enjoy relaxing by your exterior fireplace and/or water features, patio stains fit right into your lifestyle.

Patio personalization

Improved patio for better parties

Stamped overlays work well for restoring your concrete patio’s surface and create the appearance of authentic stone, brick or slate for your exterior flooring. More affordable than real stone, brick or slate, stamped concrete overlays free up funds for hosting unforgettable parties throughout the nice weather. With the money you save by improving or restoring your concrete patio, you can buy that professional grill you’ve always wanted, add an outdoor food preparation area and/or incorporate additional seating areas for entertaining.

You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood during every warm weather event as friends and family marvel at the beauty of your concrete patio.