Bathroom Lighting Ideas: 3 Best Lighting Fixtures to Use

Bathroom Lighting Ideas 3 Best Lighting Fixtures to Use

Because there is nothing special from standard ceiling light, you need to apply the following bathroom lighting ideas for better bathroom interior. The ideas are about how you improve the interior with chandeliers. Yes, they can make the room look more luxurious. Besides, you can also involve wall sconces, or recessed lighting.

Luxurious Bathroom Lighting Design

If you decide to use chandelier, the best position of this lighting fixture is in the center of the room. Commonly, it is nearby the bathtub. Consider using crystal chandelier for elegant look. Combined with gold tub, antique wall mirror with gold frame and glamorous silver foil wallpaper, the chandelier can complete the interior design and decoration. This is a simple example of bathroom lighting ideas that you may have a try.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas 3 Best Lighting Fixtures to Use2

Another interesting lighting fixture is the wall sconces. They are mostly installed on the wall at the vanity area. However, they are also possible to decorate the tub area. For the vanity area, a pair of wall sconces is installed with wall mirror between them. Then, if you are interested in creating calm vibe, you can also use recessed lighting. Commonly, the bathroom lighting ideas of using recessed lighting can also complete the interior with some layers of lighting.