Baby Shower Banners with Simple Design and Cool Decorations

Baby Shower Banners with Simple Design and Cool Decorations

Baby shower banners are most popular decoration for baby shower party. We have some ideas about making unique banners to decorate your unique baby shower party. These banner ideas will impress your guests while reminding them that the main lead in this party is the mommy to be and her baby bump. Here are the creative banners for your special baby shower party.

Sophisticated Printable Baby Shower Banners

First idea of unique baby shower banners is made from sonogram photos. Developing baby is a miracle that will impress anyone. So try to make unique baby shower banner and complete the banner with your baby’s sonogram photos. To make the banner looks vintage and traditional, use chicken wire frame and several wooden clothespins to hang the sonogram photos. Use the sonogram photos to frame the baby shower wording that welcomes your guests.

Or, make any baby shower banner you want then prepare two balloon babies to ”hold” the banner. Customize sleeping babies that look sweet using balloons, make one balloon baby using small pink balloons for baby girl and another balloon baby using blue balloons for baby boy. Hang each balloon baby beside the banner so there will be unique baby shower banners between two cute babies holding the banner.