9 mistakes in kitchen design + and tips to correct them

9 mistakes in kitchen design

Learn from others’ mistakes: we cover the most common and advise on avoiding them.

1 mistake: limited storage space

In a pursuit of spacious and airy kitchen, many apartment owners use a minimum of furniture. The other side of the coin is that there won’t be enough storage space and all vertical surfaces will be piled by cans and boxes.

Solution: if cooking much, don’t opt out of completekitchen cupboards: maybe it’s worth making them to the ceiling?If you decide to save space due to the compact technologies, leave high and roomy refrigerator – it will not be easy to replace it afterwards.

2 mistake: inconvenient kitchen work triangle

Too big stagger between «work triangle» peaks – a sink, a cooker and a fridge – also inconvenient as their «back-to-back» installation.

Solution: Ideally the perimeter of the kitchen work triangle should not be less than 3 meters and more than 7.5 meters.If the layout of the premises allows, it is better to choose an “island” or a U-shaped structure –so everything will be at your fingertips.

3 mistake: narrow aisles

If the furniture is very closely spaced, cupboards will not be move out completely – by the way, you will not have place for passage.

Solution: When designing the headset, note that between the facades of a U-shaped kitchen or kitchen with an “island” should be at least 120 cm.At the same distance, it is desirable to put a dining table.

4 mistake:handles preventing opening of cupboards

Seemingly, protruding handles on the facades – no minor matter. But they are able, to reduce opening angles of cupboard or prevent the cupboard from pulling out.

Solution: pay attention to the shape and size of the handles: and it is better to abandon them altogether.

5 mistake: unaesthetic ventilation system

Bulky air ducts, extending from the vent, can spoil any, even the most elegant kitchen.

Solution: hide the communications in the plasterboard box under the ceiling. Or give priority in choosing the hood with carbon filter. It doesn’t need air duct: just don’t forget to change the filter regularly.

6 mistake: Shelves instead of drawers

A cupboard with shelves is a more economic option, rather than the same cupboard with drawers. The desire of saving the family budget is understandable, but what to do with those things at the back wall, which is impossible to reach?

Solution: do not completely abandon drawers, plan at least a few of them. So that, the search of the necessary thing will cease to resemble archeological excavations.

7 mistake: the absence of further sockets

After the repair, it sometimes turns out that the owners have planned sockets for the built-in appliances and a teapot, but what about the rest of the devices that need to be turned on?

Solution:estimate previously, of how many appliances you use in your household.Trust, that few of people have done without a mixer, blender or coffee maker. For all of that, you need to provide sockets – and, of course, a place on the countertop.

8 mistake: little light

Cooking in the dark is a dubious pleasure. And of course, you hardly want to have supper in the twilight every day. Therefore, the amount of lighting in the kitchen depends not only on the convenience of cooking but also on the mood.

Solution: provide several levels of illumination in the kitchen – the top light, aimed at the working area, built-in lamps under the upper drawers, a lamp above the dining table or bar.

9 mistake: absence of «buffer zones»on the countertop

Remember your movements in the kitchen: at first take the food out of the refrigerator, then wash it and we are already getting ready to cook. If you do not plan for the space near the points of the “working triangle” beforehand, you will constantly suffer discomfort.

Solution: Leave at minimum 15 cm on each side of the refrigerator, sink and countertop. If the oven is located separately, you also need to leave space near it.