Practical Tips for Adding on to Your House

Adding on to your home is a big decision, but it can also pay big dividends. The extra room and enjoyment you will get from your home can make it all worth it. It is likely you will also increase the resale value of your home, but that can depend on a few factors. Consider a few of the following guidelines.

Go Big or Go Home

When adding a room to your home, make sure that it is large enough to make the results worth the work and financial investment. Many people overestimate the amount of space they are adding and are then surprised or even disappointed to find that they don’t have as much room as they anticipated. Consider that some of the footprint you are adding will be taken up by the exterior walls – as much as a foot all the way around. For instance, if you add a 12 foot by 16 foot room, you are actually only getting 10 feet by 14 feet of actual space, maybe less if you add a closet in the room. Take that into consideration and make sure to plan enough floor space.

Creating a Seamless Façade

Finishing the exterior of the addition can be a make or break project. If your home is brick, it is likely not possible to find an exact match. An alternative would be to use a similar style and then paint both the new brick and the original entire exterior to tie it all together. For a home faced with siding, choose the exterior siding Maple Grove homeowners rely on for great results. Cover just the addition or face the entire house for a cohesive look.

It is also important to tie the interior of the new room seamlessly into the existing home. If the addition is open to other areas, use similar colors and the same flooring. The finished project will be well worth effort and bring great enjoyment to your family.