Important Considerations for a Bankruptcy Attorney

There are many misconceptions about declaring bankruptcy. Undoubtedly the word strikes fear in the hearts of many, and yet, it is a valid legal process that a debtor can initiate to repay creditors. Bankruptcy is not a game. There are many complexities and factors involved and it is strongly recommended that you consult a legal specialist. Here are some things to consider.

Local Licensure

You may think that you can work with any lawyer when it comes to filing. The reality is that you should always go with one who is legally authorized to practice where you live. You want to deal with an attorney who is fully knowledgeable about how your location may affect the particulars of your case. Moreover, if you have an issue with your counsel, you can report them to your state’s bar association. The bar association is a great resource to look up a person’s record and check for sanctions or disciplinary action.

Actual Bankruptcy Experience

When it comes to the law, there are many areas and subareas that require specific expertise. Consult a legal expert that has a proven and demonstrable track record in this practice area, such as a Rockville bankruptcy lawyer. You should go with an attorney that has a good record with cases involving bankruptcies, foreclosures, loan modifications, etc. They will have a full understanding of the law as it relates to your case.

Customer Service

Good customer service is also as important as licensure and having specific experience. Bankruptcy is a serious matter that will impact your life for a few years. If you have any misgivings about how your case is being handled, you can find new representation. A great attorney will prioritize your case and be upfront about your outcome. They will communicate and coordinate directly with you.

Having to declare bankruptcy is not the end of the world. You would do well to consult an attorney that specializes in this area to help you navigate through the process. When it comes to choosing a lawyer, license to practice, specific experience and strong customer service skills are paramount.